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Phone Lessons

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Phone Lessons

Live instruction over the phone with a personal language instructor

Enjoy the benefits of individual language instruction with a native speaker - completely independent of location and around the clock.


  • Participation in live instruction is possible at any location with a phone connection
  • Simple lesson scheduling and rescheduling via an online platform
  • Intensive 30 minute lessons
  • Document exchange via a virtual blackboard
  • Simulations of work situations
  • Suitable for every language level

Languages offered:

Dutch, German, English, Spanish, French

The Features

Personalized Program Content

Tailor-made classroom units. Training material is selected from over 600 professional situations and 218 job profiles, based on the Audit results.

Learning Report

A personalized summary! In order to consolidate the work done, the teacher sends a report detailing the points covered at the end of each lesson. These reports also contain feedback on errors made during the lesson and suggestions for extra practice before the next class.

Flash Lessons

A short lesson is sent, Monday to Friday, to the trainees' mailbox. In only 5 minutes, the learners review a grammar rule, learn an idiomatic expression and get advice on common mistakes to avoid. The Flash Lessons provide daily practice of the language and motivate trainees to connect to the program on a regular basis.

Virtual Blackboard

Sharing documents with zero risk! This interactive screen allows documents to be shared and enables the teacher and the learner to communicate in written form during the lesson. Simple to use, as no downloading is necessary; it is 100% secure.