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New CyberTeachers available

New: CyberTeachers 9 for English



The new generation of digital language learning: CyberTeachers 9 is available now.

The new version of CyberTeachers offers 85% new learning contents, 200 high quality videos from our partner CNN and an intuitive, user-friendly navigation

Even more advantages for your digital language course!

CyberTeachers 9 offers:


  Simplified navigation - Access in 1 click to any of the key elements of the program

Learners always find their way


6 levels compliant with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages scale - from True Beginner to C1

Learners know where they stand


Various learning activities - Program adjustable depending on learners' changing needs and objectives

Learners learn faster


Multi-Device / On- & Offline
With Chat and Live Classrooms Solutions combinable with distance courses in an homogenous path

Learners are never alone


Specializations on 218 job and 20 business sectors / Flash lessons for a daily contact with the language

Learners are at the heart of their training

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