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Global Leadership Training - Business Class

Business Communication Class

Effective Business Communication on a Global Level

This innovative format allows you to focus on international communication skills giving you the opportunity to perfect your business presentations style, meeting or negotiation skills. The program is tailored based on your specific goals and needs. Expand your knowledge and optimize your possibilities to become a successful business partner in an international environment. The program is based on one-on-one coaching and is conducted exclusively in English with business and language consultants. A minimum of Berlitz level 5 is required.

A typical Business Class day:

You typically meet a team of 3-4 coaches and consultants during a Business Class program, all of them having a solid experience within Business English from different business sectors and in business communication.

Focus on results:

You can choose to focus on building individual competencies required for delivering effective and powerful presentations to a global audience. You will gain a deep understanding of what makes a good presentation as a form of business communication, how to prepare for a presentation, how to deliver it using visual communication techniques, tone of voice and body language.

You can also focus the program to build individual competencies required for facilitating meetings. This module is aimed at imparting the knowledge needed to effectively structure, lead and communicate in meetings. Being able to open, keeping a meeting on track, answer questions and deal with difficult situations, so that the ultimate goal of the meeting can be accomplished. You explore the different aspects of running a meeting and are guided in using diplomatic language.

If you choose to work on negotiation skills, you will build individual competencies related to negotiations. The communication consultant will assist you in developing your ability to prepare for a negotiation as well as frame and identify opposing and similar interests when negotiating. You will develop the skills to achieve a mutually beneficial and sustainable agreement. Additionally you develop the ability to make concessions, and manage, as well as avoid, potential manipulation attempts from your counterparts.

Ideal for:

  • People who want an effective training focusing on individual needs.
  • People who want to communicate in Business English at a higher international level.
  • People who work internationally and want to deepen their global competencies.