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Intercultural Leadership Seminar

Intercultural Leadership Seminar

Berlitz Gothenburg - March 19-20, 2013 and Berlitz Stockholm - March 21-22, 2013


Become an expert on collaborating across cultures by understanding your own and others frame of reference, and how to use style switching in your leadership.

Working actively to understand intercultural challenges is a key factor to ensure success in today's international business environment. Berlitz Intercultural Leadership Seminar is designed to develop and support both managers and employees in their interaction with international colleagues and/or clients.

Who can join?

All managers and employees exposed to the international business world and who wish to increase their level of understanding, performance and efficiency when facing intercultural challenges.

During the seminar we will focus on:

  • Developing a heightened understanding of intercultural challenges and how they impact managerial efficiency and performance when running meetings, leading teams and negotiating on an international level.
  • Identifying and understanding one's own personal preferences in the workplace and being capable of gauging other frameworks of reference.
  • Understanding counterparts and colleagues who do not share the same frameworks of reference and may have opposing orientations.
  • How adaptation of behavior via style switching and cultural dialogue can increase efficiency and performance.

After the course you will emerge with:

  • An understanding of the impact of culture on behavior and increased knowledge of different business practices around the world.
  • Methods and techniques to help decode unexpected behavior, reactions, and modes of thinking.
  • Tools for how to improve collaboration across cultures. 
  • An understanding of the personal cultural frameworks that underpin our actions.


  • Length: 2 days, 09:00-17:00 including lunch
  • Facilitator Senior Consultant, Clive Higton
  • Location: Berlitz Stockholm or Berlitz Gothenburg
  • Date: March 19-20, 2013 in Gothenburg or March 21-22, 2013 in Stockholm
  • Prerequisites* Completion of the Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI)
  • Price SEK 9990 excl. VAT including lunch and COI

* The course content will be further tailored based on the needs and cultural references of the participants. To facilitate tailoring we therefore ask all participants to complete our Cultural Orientation Indicator assessment online, developed by TMC and Berlitz, prior to the course start (ca 20 minutes). Access will be given upon registration. Read more about the Cultural Orientations Indicator here.

Please note that a maximum of 10 participants is applied. Sign up before March 8th. Your registration is binding.