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Berlitz Cultural Consulting - Cultural Business Seminars

Leading & Managing Across Cultures

Berlitz Open Seminars: the Perfect Complement to your Language Training.

Global Meetings

Increase the efficiency and impact of your international meetings. Use your extended language skills successfully at meetings by preparing for how you should be planning and structuring meetings, dealing with objections, and chairing meetings professionally.
Language: English

Global Presentations

Convince your international audience. Combine the language skills you have gained with the skills you'll need to present efficiently in front of an international audience, convince listeners from different cultural backgrounds or represent your standpoints effectively.
Language: English

Global Negotiations

Get ahead in an international context. Put your language skills to highly effective use with the associated negotiating tactics. Negotiating in an international context demands sharpened perception of intercultural differences and knowledge of global negotiating tactics, if you are to avoid making a serious error or failing outright.
Language: English

Doing Business Globally

Secure your competitive advantage at an international level. Recognize the treacheries of intercultural difference by making yourself more aware of your own culture and developing a broader understanding of cultural difference. Gain the know-how you need to manage successfully at international level, form teams and develop profitable business relationships.
Language: English

International Assignment

For a successful foreign assignment, as well as good language skills, you need to be prepared for the country you are going to if you are going to be able to act with your usual professionalism in personal and work-related situations alike. Get to know the value system of the country you are heading for, to ensure you are prepared for differences in building relationships, management and daily interpersonal communication. How do you build those relationships, and how does daily communication work? What management style should you expect to encounter, and what role will hierarchy play in the country you are working in?
Language: English