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BVC Kids + Teens

Berlitz Virtual Classroom for Kids + Teens

Berlitz offers a web-based language program for children that features live online learning. The program combines the power of the proven-effective Berlitz Method® and our age-appropriate and engaging Berlitz Kids curriculum with leading-edge information technology so your child will learn to speak, listen and think in his or her new language quickly and easily.

Berlitz KidsTutoring builds real language skills for students ages 8 to 17. Research has shown that language study has a positive effect on children's standardized test scores. Children who study languages are generally more imaginative, better abstract thinkers, and more flexible in their thought processes.

Programs designed to focus on the individual needs and personal goals of each child. Builds real language skills for student`s ages 8 to 17. All programmes are taught by highly trained, native-fluent speakers via the Berlitz Virtual Classroom.

This is more than just an internet learning program. With Berlitz you get,

  • Live lessons over the internet with a native speaker, from the comfort of your own home, no need to commute or visit the learning centre.
  • Complimentary placement test
  • Levels from Beginner (A1) to intermediate (B1).
  • Colourful and informative learning materials developed in partnership with the National Geographic.
  • Recorded lessons the student can keep for review.

All you need is a computer or laptop, good internet connection and a headset.


  • Private instruction
  • AGES 8-11 Berlitz Global Adventure
  • AGES 12-17 Time Zones

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