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Language programs

Kids + Teens Language Programs

Learning with a fun factor.

Young children are the most receptive language-learners, and bilingual kids have an advantage in school, on standardised tests, in college admissions and their careers. Berlitz Kids + Teens makes learning a language fun, so why not set them on the path to success now?

A perfect option for young people who wish to expand their language skills in order to succeed in life:

  • Learning a second language has a positive influence on children's intellectual capacities
  • It encourages and enriches intellectual development
  • It enhances mental agility
  • It aids understanding of the native language
  • It lays the foundation for an understanding and appreciation of other cultures
  • It provides a sound basis for language learning at school
  • It improves job opportunities in many fields

How it works:

All language instructors on the Berlitz Kids + Teens programs are native speakers and have experience working with children.

Berlitz Kids + Teens Proficiency Levels