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Business Swedish for Professionals

Business Swedish for Professionals


No matter what your needs are, we have a solution for you

These Swedish courses are designed to help not only those who have just relocated, but also those who have been living in Sweden for some years and are ready to take their Swedish to the next level. Right from the start of this course, you learn vocabulary and terms which you can understand and use immediately. In addition, you become familiar with the most important rules of grammar for everyday situations.

A typical Business Swedish course does not focus on the level, but rather on language skills and relevant business topics. We start with a personal interview and conduct a placement test and needs analyses to explore your language background, your needs, goals and expectation. After the interview we can recommend the right program for you.

Some examples of relevant topics:
  • Swedish for the workplace
  • Presentations
  • Client meetings
  • Written communication
  • Talking about finance, accounting
  • Customer service
  • Governmental Swedish

It can be hard to practice your Swedish when your counterparts switch to English all the time. You need a supportive environment in order to develop your Swedish, so that you can build confidence and take the lead in conversations. The key to success is to continuously expand the vocabulary in the relevant work field and develop fluency. Learn Swedish together with your colleagues at work, join an open group at Berlitz, or sign up for private lessons with flexible scheduling.

We are ready to help you reach the level of Swedish you need for qualified jobs in Sweden.
Contact your Berlitz center for more information regarding lessons.

Berlitz Team Sweden