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Berlitz Online Proficy Test

Airline Language Test Service

Berlitz provides language testing services in English and other languages upon request, for new or existing airline crew. The test is online and gives you a score according to the CEFR.

• Online computer based test in English
• Works on both MAC and PC with Flash installed, speakers or headset
• Results based on the European Reference Framework, which makes them especially precise and meaningful
• Evaluation of aural and reading comprehension, as well as grammar and vocabulary

How it works:
After registration you can take the test from any computer with internet connection. The test takes 60-90 minutes to finish depending on how fast you answer the questions. Results based on the European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR) and is sent to you as soon as you are done.

How to book?
Follow the booking link to your right and insert your details and proceed to payment. The test costs SEK 625 including VAT (25%).

Get started?
Once we receive the payment, we send you the instructions to the test and the access key, please read through the instructions carefully before starting the test.

Contact Berlitz
Stockholm 08-412 13 00 / stockholm@berlitz.se
Göteborg 031-60 62 40 / gothenburg@berlitz.se

If you are familiar with the former SAS-levels, please find the conversion below:

Old SAS levels CEFR
1 A1
2 A2
3 B1
4 B2
5 C1
6 C2